ADP College


There is an Indoor Stadium in ADP College. It has capacity for 200 persons to sit in the gallery. Badminton and Gymnasium facilities are there. Two sets of Badminton courts can be put there simultaneously. Gymnasium facilities have been put permanently in one room. Drinking water facility as well as toilets are there in the stadium. Rubber mat has been fitted on the arena.

The Indoor Stadium was constructed with a grant from UGC in 2017. It was inaugurated by Md Arif, Joint Secretary, UGC, NE Region on 19th August, 2017.

The Indoor Stadium has several rooms, which are used for purposes like players’ dressing room, Retired Teachers Common Room, ADP College Teachers Council. There is plan for using two rooms as guest house so that invitees to the college can be lodged in the college premises itself.

In addition to all the above, the Indoor Stadium also houses the History and Commerce departments, whose classes are also held in its rooms. Thus the Indoor Stadium has served multiple purposes as the college has made optimum use of it. Several exhibitions as well as meetings also have been held in the indoor stadium.