Subject Title Author Year File
HISTORY A Comparative Study of Rural Sikh People of Assam and Punjab Parag Dutta 2016 View
PHILOSOPHY Gandhian Philosophy: A Spinning wheel to create a balance between materialism and spiritualism Aparna Tamuly 2012 View
EDUCATION Adjustment Pattern of college students with special reference to provincialized degree colleges of Nagaon District: An analytical study Sabita Devi 2018 View
BENGALI Barak Upatyakar Akhrar Itibritta Ajit Kumar Singha 2015 View
BENGALI Dipendranath Bandyopadhyay golpot shomoy & somajer protifolon Eti Bishlekhonatmok Adhyan Nipon Das 2018 View
PHILOSOPHY Impact Of Gandhi on Women Empowerment Archana Talukdar 2012 View
HISTORY Religious Perspective Of The Misings Of Assam Community And Changes from 16th to 20th Century Sadananda Payeng 2018 View
ASSAMESE Modern Assamese Grammar Rajita kalita 2007 View
STATISTICS The Socio Economic Condition Of Manipuri (Meitei)Community of Nagazon District An Emperical Study Joy Kumar Singha 2016 View
Subject Title Publisher Year File

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