ADP College

Institutional Level Biotech Hub (IBT Hub)

Institutional Level Biotech Hub, A.D.P. College was established via DBT’s Sanction No.: BT/32/NE/2012 dated September 19, 2013. Since inception, Biotech Hub has provided necessary laboratory facilities to the students and faculties of the host institute as well as to the nearby colleges and schools. New information on biotechnology through the in-house workshops, invited talks, hands on trainings are provided. Extension/outreach programmes are organized in rural area schools to create awareness towards the recent advances in the field of biotechnology.

Overview of biotech hub

Major achievements of the biotech hub since its inception:

  • Paper published in National/International journals – 9
  • Papers in communication- 6
  • Published book chapter- 3
  • Paper presented in National/ International Seminars- 11
  • Total training/workshop conducted-10
  • Total outreach/awareness programme conducted-5
  • No. of students used biotech hub facility for doing project:
  • UG: 9 PG: 58 Ph.D.: 2
  • Total projects/ dissertation work carried out by students using biotech-hub facilities- 58

Departments of Host institute utilizing biotech hub facilities-

  • Department of Herbal Science and technology
  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Zoology
  • Department of Chemistry
S. No. Seminar / Workshop organised by Biotech Hub Year
1 Training on “Bioinformatics Databases” 2018
2 Hands-on-Training On “Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics” 2018
3 Biological Laboratory Orientation Programme 2017
4 Short Term Training Workshop On “Bioinformatics” 2017
5 Biological Laboratory Orientation Programme 2016
6 Hands-on-training On “Biotechnology laboratory Techniques” 2016
7 Workshop on “Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics” 2016
8 Workshop on “Introduction to Life-Science and Biotechnology” 2015
9 Short-term hands-on-training on “Techniques of Molecular Biology” 2014
10 Workshop on “Basics of Biotechnology” 2014

S. No. Extension work/ Awareness programme done by Biotech-Hub Year
1 Observation of National Science Day 2018
2 Extension Programme on “Biomolecules” 2017
3 Extension Programme on “Importance of Biotechnology in day-to-day Life” 2016
4 Extension Programme on “Introduction to plant Biotechnology :Scope and significance” 2016
5 Extension Programme on “ Scopes in Biotechnology” 2015

Research work held

S. No. Title of the research Persons involved Status
1 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and antibacterial activity Dr. J. Barman Farhana Sultana completed
2 Variation on size, structure, Optoelectronic, electrical and antimicrobial activity of Fe dopped Composite ZnO/CdS Nanoparticles and in application of water treatment Dr. Bhaskar Saikia,Farhana Sultana completed
3 Biochemical analysis of A. Corombola fruit and leaves Farhana Sultana completed
4 Biochemical analysis of selected Yam (Dioscorea sp.) tuber and Bulbil Dr. Bhaskar Saikia,Dr. Mousmi Saikia,Farhana Sultana completed
5 Preparation of mosquito repellant from herbal extract Dr. Mousmi saikia completed
6 Genetic diversity determination and Comparative phytochemical study of three species of Dioscorea (Dioscorea alata, Dioscorea pubera and Dioscorea pentaphyllum) collected from different locations of Assam Dr. Mousmi saikia,Farhana Sultana Ongoing
7 Tissue culture of some important medicinal plants Farhana Sultana Ongoing
8 Vermicompost production Dr. Mousmi Saikia Ongoing
9 Mushroom Cultivation Dr. Mousmi Saikia Ongoing
10 Biological synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles and their application Dr. J. Barman,Farhana Sultana Ongoing
11 Treatment of sewage water with medicinal plant extracts Farhana Sultana Ongoing

Dissertation works done by Students utilizing Biotech -Hub facilities: 58 projects

Instrument facilities provided by Biotech-Hub:

S. No. Name of the equipment Model No. & Brand Name
1 Electronic balance Precision
2 Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate GeNei
3 Vortex shaker GeNei
4 Micropipette Tarson
5 Digital pH meter E.I.
6 Diode Laser Blisco
7 Polarizer analyzer ( Polaroid) Omax
8 Compound microscope with all optics Olympus
9 Binocular microscope with all optics Galaxy
10 Tissue Homogenizer with electrical complete set Almicro
11 Muffle Furnace -
12 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (PC based ) Systronics 119
13 Autoclave (Vertical) Almicro
14 Laminar Air Flow Lyzer
15 Bacteriological Incubator Almicro
16 Shaker -
17 Soxhlet Extraction Unit -
18 Hot Water bath -
19 Water and soil analyzing kit -
20 Electrophoresis unit -
21 Gel documentation system GeNei
22 Thermal cycler Nexus
23 Tissue culture Rag Optics technology
24 Distillation plant with Iron filter Zeolite