ADP College


Gymnasium of A.D.P. College

Recognized as one of the healthiest practices the Gymnasium of the ADP College was constructed with financial assistance of the UGC and was opened for students’ use in 2013. Since then, ADP College gymnasium club was formed. Students and teachers who intend to do physical exercise in the gymnasium must become a member of the gymnasium club by paying a nominal admission fee. Not only boys but also girls can also become a gymnasium member and do physical exercise. The gymnasium of the college possess state of the art instruments and exercise tools including two sets of multigyms and is arguably one of the most decorated and fascinated centre of its type in the region. General timing of the gymnasium of the college is 6AM-7 AM in the morning and 4 PM- 7 PM in the evening. A trainer is also appointed in the gymnasium. He guides, trains and teaches students to use different gymnasium equipments.