Undergraduate Courses

Compulsory Any two subjects selecting one from each of the following combination each of the following combination No. of Seats in Major Subjects
a. Englishb. MIL( As, Ben, Hindi or Alternative English) 1. Philosophy/ Geography/ History/ Statistics Eng=30, As=35, Ar=12, Eco=25, Ed=25, Geo=30, His=20, Hin=15, Pol.sc=25, Phil=15, San=10, Math=5
2. Education/ Sanskrit/ Arabic
3. Economics/ Adv. Assamese/ Adv. Hindi/Adv. Bengali
4. Political Science/ Mathematics

In Arts Stream, a student is allowed to take Major in one of the following subjects : Assamese, Arabic, Economics, Education, English, Hindi, History, Geography, Philosophy, Political Science, Mathematics and Sanskrit.

Compulsory Any two subjects selecting one from each of the following combination each of the following combination No. of Seats in Major Subjects
a. English Economics/ Physics/ Zoology Phy=25, Chem=25, Math= 20, Bot= 25, Zoo= 25, Geo= 5, Eco= 5
Statistics/ Chemistry/ Geography
Mathematics/ Botany
Computer Science and Application

Note :

a) In Science stream, Major is allowed in one of the following subjects : Economics, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

b) Students who opted Major in —

c)Students who take Computer Science must select the following combination—

Total mark assigned for each full paper is 100 and for the project work (course 6.4) it is 200.

1.1. Introduction to Computer Fundamentals and Programming
1.2. Communicative English.
1.3. Basic Electronics
1.4. Mathematics – I
1.5. Laboratory
1.6. Bridge course(for students coming from other than the Science stream)
2.1. Data Structure and Algorithm
2.2. Computer Based Accounting and Financial Management.
2.3. Mathematics – II
2.4. ICT Hardware
2.5. Laboratory
2.6. Environmental Studies
3.1. Operating System
3.2. Computer Organization and Architecture.
3.3. Database Management System.
3.4. Object Oriented Programming
3.5. Laboratory
4.1. Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming.
4.2. Software Engineering
4.3. Programming in Java
4.4. Automata Theory and Languages
4.5. Laboratory
5.1. Management Information System
5.2. Web Technology
5.3. Computer Networks.
5.4. Computer Oriented Numerical Methods and Statistical techniques
5.5. Laboratory
6.1. Elective – I
6.2. Elective – II
6.3. System Administration using Linux
6.4. Project Work
Courses for Elective I
6.1.1. Queuing Theory and Optimization
6.1.2. Data Warehousing and Data Mining
6.1.3. GUI Programming
Courses for Elective II
6.2.1. Computer Graphics
6.2.2. Database Design and Programming
6.2.3. Compiler Design

Course Structure for TDC Commerce -

Major Subject offered-

Accountancy – 50 nos.
Management – 50 nos.

B.Voc (Bachelor of Vocational Degree) 3 Years full time degree course in Herbal Processing Technology. Approved by UGC-NSGF and affiliated to GU.

Eligible of Admission: – 10+2 or equivalent in any stream(Science, Arts, Commerce)
** No age limit/ Multiple Entry and Multiple Exit option **
Award Duration
Certificate 6 Months
Diploma 1 Year
Advance Diploma 2 Years
B.Voc 3 Years

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