Estd. 1961

The Department of Arabic was established in ADP College in 1961 and at initial stage it was introduced in the Pass Course. It is noteworthy that next to Cotton College, Guwahati. ADP College introduced Arabic Honours from the Session 1970-71, and thus has become the pioneer among the Govt. Aided Colleges of Assam in introducing Honours Course in Arabic in the North-Eastern Region of India. The first lecturer and Head of the Department was Prof. Abu Nasar Wahid who hailed from Tarabari, Rupahihat in Nagaon, joined the department in 1961 and took the task of giving a shape and directions with his untiring devotion; but unfortunately he met a pre-mature death on health ground in 1977 while he was in service. The second lecturer of the department, Prof. Ayub Hashmi, who came from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh to join the College in 1965; became the HOD of the department after the untimed death of Prof. Wahid. He retired from his service in 1992 and is still remembered by his students for his contributions. Prof. Mrs. Raina Khanam Mazumdar who joined the department in 1972, left the college in 1990 to join the Department of Arabic, Gauhati University as a lecturer. Prof. Habibur Rahman, an alumnus of the college, joined the department as lecturer on 01-12-1977, became the HoD in 1992 and after a long tenure of 35 years of his untiring service, retired as Associate Professor and Vice Principal on 31-12-2012. Prof. Md. Abdul Karim, an alumnus of the college, joined the department on 08-01-1992, became Associate Professor on 08-01-2003 and took charge of the department as Head on 01-01-2013 after the retirement of Prof. Habibur Rahman. Prof. Md. Habib Ullah, an alumnus of the college, joined the department on 17-11-1992 with prior experience of about 15 years w.e.f. 10-02-1978 to 16-11-1992 as founder HoD, Arabic, BP Chaliha College, Nagarbera, Kamrup. Prof. Md. Habib Ullah served in ADP College from 17-11-1992 to 30-11-2014 and retired as Associate Professor on 30-11-2014. After the retirement of Prof. Habibur Rahman, Dr. Raizuddin Alom joined as an Assistant Professor against the retirement vacancy of the former on 11-06-2014, and left for Gauhati University to join as an Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Arabic.

The Department of Arabic, ADP College, Nagaon, played the vital role in the development of Arabic Language and Literature in the region. Moreover, the alumni of the department have been imparting concerned knowledge from the root to the upper level of studies to the students of the Brahmaputra Valley as well as the Barak Valley. The products of this department got inspiration to introduce Major Course in Arabic in different colleges of Assam in course of their engagements.

It is the matter of pride for ADP College that during the last 45 years of its nourishing Honours (Major) Course in Arabic, the department has so far produced a record number of 1st Class Graduates among the faculties of the college under Gauhati University.

The department has a collection of about 200 books and journals. The library used to ready – reference for the teachers and students of the department. Books are also issued to the students of major and general course on their request. The department has computer, printer and internet facilities.


The Department of Arabic is seeking to be a leading department in the field of Arabic Language and Literature as well as in Islamic studies in the North-Eastern Region of India, and a reference for institutions, individuals and families to raising up of an Assamese student able to participate in the development of his society and deal with the rapid global changes.

Plan for Next Five Years:

Department of Arabic, ADP College, Nagaon is intending the following activities for the next five years:

  1. To introduce P.G. Programme
  2. To introduce PGDTA (Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching Arabic) course
  3. To introduce Diploma in Translation Course (Arabic-English vice-versa)
  4. To held National and International Seminars
  5. To pursue Major and Minor Research Projects

Md. Abdul Karim, M.A. (G.U.)

Associate Professor, HOD

Contact No. 9706066515


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