The Central Library, ADP College has an Advisory Committee consisting of teachers from different streams. The present members of the Library Committee are:

  1. Dr. S, U. Ahmed, Principal, Chairperson
  2. Hrishikesh Bhuyan, Librarian, Member Secretary
  3. Dr. Nityananda Pattanayak, H.O.D. Department of English
  4. M.P. Rajkhowa, H.O.D. Department of Zoology
  5. Sonjira Hazarika, Associate Professor, Department of Botany
  6. Dr. Sabita Devi, Associate Professor, department of Education
  7. Dr. Kishore Kumar Shah, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
  8. Dr. Ajit Bharali, Assistant Professor, Deparatment of Assamese

Hrihikesh Bhuyan

Hrishikesh Bhuyan, MLISc, M.Phil.


Mobile No: +919435601105


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The members of the present Library staff are :

Sl.No. Name Designation Phone No. & Email
1. Sukriti Hazarika Asst. Librarian( Contractual) +919864753178,
2. Liladhar Baruah Sr. Library Assistant +919854375568
3. Manik Bordoloi Library Bearer +919854944894
4. Jehirul Islam Library Bearer +919954035746