ADP College


  • Maximum emphasis is laid on discipline and character building, and students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline. They are subjected to rules and regulations of the college.
  • Violation of rules, unsatisfactory progress, irregular attendance, irregular clearance of college dues, showing discourtesy to the teachers and office staff in any form, etc. are some of the offences which may make students liable for disciplinary action like termination of scholarship, forced transfer and even expulsion from the college.
  • Students’ Union and all other Associations working in the college shall be subject to such guidance and control as the college administration may prescribe from time to time.
  • Any notice desired to be pasted or circulated by the students anywhere on the college premises shall require the approval of the Principal. Nothing can be done in the college campus without the knowledge of and permission from the college authority.
  • All powers for maintenance of discipline are vested with the Principal and his decision shall be final in all such matters.
  • Ragging of any sort is strictly/ prohibited. The college has its anti-ragging committee and anti-ragging squad. The victims of ragging are requested to contact with the Principal or any of the members of faculty. Contact numbers are displayed in the College premises.
  • Use of cellphones is not allowed on college campus.