There is an active Alumni Association in the college functioning under the Presidentship of Kesharam Nath. The Association takes active part in all round development of the college. The members of the alumni association are:

S. No. Name Designation
1 Kesharam Nath President
2 Wajiullah Kabir Working President
3 Pankaj Kr Nath Vice President
4 Seuti kalita Vice President
5 Dr Smarajit Ojah Vice President
6 Muruli Baruah Vice President
7 Swapna Kalita Secretary
8 Jiaur Nabi Joint Secretary
9 Smriti Rekha Baruah Hazarika Joint Secretary
10 Nawman Islam Joint Secretary
11 Amlan Pratim Hazarika Joint Secretary
12 Hemanta Bhuyan Joint Secretary
13 Bedanta Bikash Sarma Joint Secretary
14 Pranay Bhuyan Joint Secretary
15 Naba Kr Kakati Joint Secretary
16 Shyamal Kr Hazarika Joint Secretary
17 Debajit Hazarika Joint Secretary

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