Life and learning are so intimately related that to cultivate one without the other is useless. Life without learning is sapless, learning without life is pointless. Life, the process of living gets its zest and succor from the intellectual activity, activated in the process of acquiring knowledge and learning at the touch of life prepares one to face the challenges and overcome the hurdles in course of his / her living. To pursue humanism and philosophy simultaneously has been the arrowed of every great nation be it the ancient small Greek state Athens or the vast country like that of Tagore’s and Gandhi India. With these twin objectives as its goal, our college since its inception on the 7th September, 1959 has been striving in spreading the light of knowledge and infusing the spirit of humanism among the young, plastic minds. With every leap taken we look to the mark the deepness of the footprint left, and look forward where and how to step on and to what length.

This will make us confident to cope with the changing time and envision a better future for our beloved Institution.

Dr. S. U. Ahmed