Estd: 1959

Bengali, being one of the Modern Indian Languages of India, has been introduced in the college since its inception in 1959. It still serving as an MIL and Adv. Bengali in T.D.C level to cater the needs of the students who desire to take the subject in lieu of Assamese, Hindi or Alt. English.

The opening lecturer of the Department was Dr.Moloy Kumar Roy (Retired). He served the Department as Head of the Department till to his retirement in 29th July 1997.Besides being a teacher he was associated with many other cultural organizations of the Town and was a good musician. He in association with Prof. (Late) S.M.Kusreji gave music to the college anthem. The second person joined as lecturer in the Department is Dr.Amalendhu Bhattacharjee. He resigned the post after few days. The third person joined as lecturer in the Department is Dr.Anima Bhattacharjee (Retired12-02-2012). The fourth person joined as lecturer in the Department is Dr. Ajit kumar Singha. At present he is the Head of the Department. Nipon Das working as an Assistant Professor in the Department.

At present 44 students studying the subject in the under graduate level.  The department has a collection of about 225 books and 3 journals. The library used to serve the purpose of ready – reference for the teachers and students of the department. Books are also issued to students of general courses on their request. The department has a computer with internet facilities.

Dr. Ajit Kumar Singha, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D (A.U.)

Assistant Professor and HOD

Contact No – 9435061520


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Nipon Das, M.A.

Assistant Professor

Contact No: 9707326270


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